Welcome to Industrial Clean SA, the leading industrial and commercial pressure cleaning company in Adelaide.

We provide an extensive range of specialist high pressure cleaning services across Adelaide and its surrounding regions. We are a South Australian family and Veteran owned business and pride ourselves on our safe, efficient, high-quality work and excellent customer service. Our intimate knowledge of Adelaide’s weather and conditions means we know which cleaning and decontamination techniques will offer the best outcomes for you at the most competitive price.

We pride ourselves on providing the safest, most effective and cost-efficient outcomes

The expert team at Industrial Clean SA can assist you with your industrial cleaning, commercial cleaning and residential cleaning needs – regardless of the size of your business or property. Our highly trained personnel have extensive experience in high pressure cleaning, water blasting, industrial vacuuming and waste vacuum recovery.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients including building industries, construction and civil engineering companies, transport industries, government organisations, commercial theatres, naval groups, food production companies, commercial car parks, car sales companies, pest control companies, power plants, asset and facility management companies, hotels, shopping centres, churches, healthcare facilities, schools, education departments, and wineries and breweries.

Over the years, Industrial Clean SA has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the industrial and commercial cleaning industry. We are proud to provide an extensive range of technologically advanced and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions to highly complex problems that other companies are unwilling or unable to provide.

No job is too large or too complex for our expert team.

Our primary focus is to provide the safest, most effective and most cost-efficient outcomes in collaboration with you, the client. We offer targeted solutions that are safe, effective and cost-efficient.

Using industry leading equipment, our team of specialists bring an extensive range of knowledge, skills and expertise to diagnose your cleaning needs, implement individualised cleaning solutions and evaluate the outcomes to ensure you are happy with the final product.

Pressure cleaning is one of the most economical and environmentally responsible methods for removing dirt, stains, soiling, foreign matter, grime and other biological hazards.

Industrial Clean SA is the leading provider of a host of pressure washing services in Adelaide. Our expert team have many years of experience pressure cleaning carparks, driveways, pressure cleaning building exteriors, cool rooms and cold rooms, pressure cleaning warehouses, sheds, ships, and factories, as well as walls, fences, patios, pergolas, paver and paved areas and much more.

Paint removal using whirl away pressure cleaner and vacuum recovery

Industrial Grade Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Our industrial grade, hot and cold high pressure cleaning equipment is superior to many pressure washers on the market and includes vortex turbo nozzles, rotary-jet floor cleaners, rotary multi-jet head silo and tank cleaners, rotating pipe cleaning nozzles, floor sweepers and electric industrial vacuum cleaners. Because of this, we can pressure clean and decontaminate areas that other companies are not able to accomplish. Our unique waste-water removal system allows us to pressure clean surfaces while simultaneously removing water waste which means minimal disruption and down time for your business.

Paint removal video using small Mosmatic pressure washer and vacuum

Paint removal video using small Mosmatic pressure washer and vacuum

Chewing Gum Removal Pressure Cleaning

Chewing gum removal video using ultra hot pressure cleaning on pavers

The Advantages of Industrial Clean SA

Environmentally Friendly
Cleaning Solutions

Follow OH&S and local
statutory regulations

Solutions for businesses with limited resources

Accredited for working
at heights (EWP)

Accredited for working in
confined spaces

All staff are police

Accredited to work on construction sites
(white card)

Work safety systems

Finished on time &
on budget

Fully insured with public
liability to $20m

We are 100% South
Australian owned

We treat each and every
job with utmost respect

Environmentally responsible and economical.

High-pressure cleaning with hot water is one of the most environmentally responsible and economical ways to remove stains, soiling and foreign matter from most solid surfaces, while hot high-pressure water combined with specialised cleaning products removes grime and other biological hazards.

Why choose Industrial Clean SA for your industrial and commercial cleaning services in Adelaide?

  • Our expert team are highly trained, experienced and professional in all aspects of high pressure cleaning and industrial vacuuming.
  • We are fully registered, accredited and insured with relevant industry regulators.
  • Our team are police checked to work in child-care centres, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, and aged care homes and facilities.
  • We have stringent safety systems in place – including JSEAs, SWMS, OHSWs and more.
  • Our team is fully licensed – including white cards, working safely at heights licences, working safely in confined spaces licences, EWP licences (boom lift), yellow cards (scissor lift), using specialised personal protective equipment, and more.
  • We ensure that any chemical agents used in conjunction with pressure cleaning follow the appropriate safety guidelines and the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
  • We carefully assess and rate each task on every job to plan, implement and evaluate methods to eliminate risk.
  • Our powerful, industrial grade cleaning equipment can pressure clean and decontaminate areas that other companies cannot accomplish.
  • Our equipment includes state-of-the-art cleaning attachments, vortex turbo nozzles, rotary-jet floor cleaners, rotary multi-jet head silo and tank cleaners, rotating pipe cleaning nozzles, floor sweepers and electric industrial vacuum cleaners.

We service all types of industrial, commercial and residential cleaning needs including:

Factory Cleaning

Meticulous cleaning and sanitising have never been more important for the safety of our community than right now. Our expert team offer the highest standard of pressure cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting using a variety of methods all tailored to your individual needs.

Industrial Clean SA specialise in one off end-of-lease cleans, make-good cleans, and regular biannual or quarterly cleans.

We use specialised pressure cleaning technologies and processes to clean steel, tiles, concrete and paved factory floors, brick walls, and concrete and colour-bond walls that often don’t respond to other cleaning methods such as sweeping, mopping or scrubbing.

You can read more about our factory cleaning services here

factory pressure cleaning

Factory cleaning using high pressure water washing

Warehouse Cleaning

Are you in Adelaide? Do you need a warehouse clean for an end-of-lease or change-of-lease, or for a variation in the goods or stock stored in your warehouse. Or do you need a warehouse clean because you are changing how you use the building, or to meet the safety and auditing processes of an existing or new client.

Industrial Clean SA can provide a cleaning service to meet your needs. We can pressure clean and decontaminate any warehouse surface including external cladding, brick walls, roller shutter doors, internal concrete flooring, and internal structures such as brackets and pillars, automated racking systems, and high-level racking, internal cladding and walls, light fixtures and skylights. We can also provide plant room cleans, factory cleans, garage cleans, workshop cleans, high access cleaning, floor cleaning and scrubbing, and external building and cladding cleans.

You can read more about our warehouse cleaning services here

Warehouse pressure cleaning

Pressure clean of warehouse floor with vacuum recovery

Concrete Cleaning and Degreasing

Are you finding it impossible to remove unsightly and unsanitary grime, grease and oil stains from your concrete surfaces? Industrial Clean SA has a longstanding reputation of excellence for pressure washing concrete structures including driveways, walls, fences, patios, paths, carports, garage floors, concrete pits, concrete pipes, factory and warehouse floors and walls.

You can read more about our concrete cleaning services here

High pressure concrete cleaning and degreasing

Pressure cleaning a concrete surface

Confined Space Cleaning

Industrial Clean SA is a leading confined space specialist in Adelaide, South Australia. Our expert team have the skills, qualifications and expertise to work in a variety of confined spaces using the latest safety equipment and following strict protocols (including air monitoring) to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency.

Our highly trained personnel are equipped to safely and efficiently clean a wide variety of confined space areas including tanks, vats, pits, pipes, silos, containers, shafts, tunnels, trenches, drains, chimneys, ducts, roof spaces, wastewater tanks, water storage tanks and maintenance pits.

You can read more about our confined space cleaning services here

Video of Winery Tank Cleaning with detergent and pressure cleaning

Video of Winery Tank Cleaning with detergent and pressure cleaning (click image to play)

Heavy Machinery Cleaning

Cleaning, degreasing and decontaminating your heavy machinery, equipment and heavy vehicles on a regular basis is vital to ensure they function more effectively and efficiently, to avoid costly repairs, and to extend its life. Regular cleaning also promotes a professional company image.

Industrial Clean SA offers specialist pressure washing and environmental decontamination of the exteriors of all types of heavy machinery and vehicles in Adelaide including earth moving equipment, harvesting equipment, tractors and implements, backhoes, graders, trucks and mining vehicles. We can provide one off or regular cleans, or to a weed and seed standard in order to transport the vehicle/equipment interstate.

Our team has extensive experience pressure cleaning and decontaminating heavy machinery and equipment that needs to cross borders into another state, as well as pressure cleaning ship decks and bilges.

You can read more about our heavy machinery and heavy equipment cleaning services here

heavy vehicle pressure cleaning

Pressure washing the deck of a navy ship

Car Park Cleaning

Do you have an open lot carpark, an underground garage or a multi-story carpark in Adelaide that needs pressure cleaning? The expert team at Industrial Clean SA can significantly improve the look of your car park – which in turn will improve the experience you offer to your customers and maximise your chances of repeat business.

Without regular cleaning, carparks can become grubby and grimy very quickly from tyre marks, natural elements, shoes, and damaging litter such as food wrappers and chewing gum.

We provide on-off or regular cleaning using tailored and specialised methods to assess the type and level of staining and soiling and to determine the most effective and efficient way to remove stains, grease, dirt, dust and grime from all surfaces – including concrete floors, walls, pillars, the underside of carpark ceilings and overhead pipes. We can also expertly pressure clean lift landings, staircases, ramps and parking bays.

You can read more about our car park cleaning services here

car park pressure cleaning

We offer single and multi-story car park pressure cleaning

Cold Room Cleaning

The cleaning and sanitising of cold rooms, food premises and food production areas is governed by strict industry guidelines and requirements. You can trust the expert team at Industrial Clean SA in Adelaide to meet those requirements every time.

We have a reputation of excellence for cleaning and sanitising commercial cool rooms and cold rooms including their ceilings, walls, racks, docks, floors, shelves and more. We also clean and sanitise commercial refrigeration facilities and food production areas, no matter how large or small. We tailor our cleaning and sanitisation processes to meet your particular industry requirements, as well as meeting EPA and your company audit standards.

You can read more about our cold room and cool room cleaning services here

Cool room pressure cleaning

Cool room pressure cleaning

Building Façade and Exterior Cleaning

First impressions matter, and the exterior of your building can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Our experienced team can significantly improve the appearance of your industrial and commercial buildings using high pressure cleaning – which is one of the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally responsible methods for cleaning any building exterior and cladding.

As part of our comprehensive building exterior clean service, we can also pressure clean all of the surrounding areas including fences, sky-lights, canopies, facias, gutters, pipework, drains, signs, colourbond fences, walkways, paths, pavers and paved areas and car parks.

We are experts in one-off or regular pressure cleans for any building exterior or facade – including government, commercial, retail, shopping centres, offices, hotels, pubs, factories, warehouses, day-care centres, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, aged care, theatres, entertainment venues, churches, private homes and rental properties.

For buildings that require high area cleaning, we can arrange all of the necessary equipment to ensure a thorough job. When necessary, we can schedule the work outside of trading or school hours to minimise disruption to your staff, students and customers.

You can read more about our building exterior and building facade cleaning services here

Video of Commercial Building Façade and Sign Pressure Clean

Video of Commercial Building Facade and Sign Pressure Clean (click image to play)

Paver Cleaning

Rejuvenate your property with the expert team from Industrial Clean SA in Adelaide.

Bricks and pavers can be notoriously difficult to clean, and domestic pressure cleaners are often not powerful enough to remove surface staining and soiling. More importantly, any pressure washer or pressure cleaning machine in non-expert hands can cause a lot of damage to the surface, potentially removing mortar from between bricks, disrupting the supporting base under pavers, leaving ugly “stripes” in the surface, and potentially causing irreversible damage to the bricks and pavers themselves.

Industrial Clean SA can restore your stained and dirty bricks, pavers and paved surfaces, making them look like new. Our team of experts have a longstanding reputation of excellence for pressure cleaning all types of pavers and paved surfaces throughout Adelaide including brick, clay, concrete, and natural stone pavers.

Whether your pavers are in a public area such as shopping centres, malls, theatres, parks, recreational areas, in government paths and walkways, or in paths and entertainment areas surrounding your home, the experts at Industrial Clean SA will offer you amazing results that will completely transform your outdoor areas.

You can read more about our paver cleaning services here

winery pressure cleaning adelaide

Paved pergola area clean at a local winery

Vacuum Truck Services

Our hi-tech vacuum truck is fully equipped with a large interceptor tank and industrial vacuums so we can quickly and easily vacuum up your liquid or dry waste and transport it to be disposed of at an appropriately certified waste disposal facility.

We can transport a variety of materials including:

  • Contaminated storm water
  • Grease trap waste
  • Oily sludges
  • Oily water
  • Septic waste
  • Trade waste
  • Wash water
  • Waste oil
  • Pit and Sump Cleanouts
  • Storm Water and Sewer Drainage
  • Basin Water
  • Wet and Dry contaminated soil
  • Stormwaters
  • Sludges
  • Organic waste materials
  • Drilling muds
  • Wash Bays
  • Side entry pits
  • Oil separators
  • Bilge pump outs
  • Dust powder

You can read more about our vacuum truck services here

Our valued clients include:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of pressure cleaning?

Our machines use high pressure water cleaning (up to 5,000 psi) to remove contaminants such as grease, grime, dirt, dust, mould, plant matter and paint from surfaces and objects such as building exteriors, tanks, vehicles, floors and concrete surfaces. Pressure washing is a highly effective and efficient cleaning method that is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Do you use hot or cold water for pressure washing?

Our specialised equipment can use both hot and cold water for pressure cleaning. This allows us the flexibility to assess each job and determine whether hot or cold water will provide the best results for your particular requirement. Our industrial grade equipment can achieve very high water temperatures which, when used in combination with high water pressures, means we are able to remove or minimise stubborn stains such as grease and oil while reducing our reliance on harsh chemicals. We also use hot water pressure cleaning to quickly and efficiently remove unsightly and unsanitary dirt, grease, grime, mould, moss, mildew and to decontaminate food preparation areas and cold rooms.

What factors can impact the success of removing stains?

The age and size of the stain and the type of substance that caused the stain will determine how difficult it is to remove. We assess the approach needed to deliver the most effective and efficient results every time. When dealing with oil stains, it is crucial to remove as much of the stain as possible before your concrete or paver surface is sealed or resurfaced. If the oil is not removed, it will eventually seep back through to the substrate to re-stain your driveway, path, or garage or shed floor.

Do you use chemicals?

Sometimes. For stubborn soiling and to deeply penetrate embedded stains without damaging the surface we use environmentally responsible detergents and specialised cleaning agents that will not jeopardise the health and safety of your clients, family or pets.

Are your pressure cleaning methods environmentally friendly?

Yes. We use environmentally sustainable methods for all our cleaning processes and adhere to environmental government regulations.

Will the water used in pressure cleaning damage my lawn or plants?

We take the utmost care to minimise any impact on your garden and surrounding areas. However, we would advise you to move or cover any sensitive plants as a precaution prior to pressure cleaning.

Is pressure cleaning safe for all types of surfaces?

While pressure cleaning is incredibly versatile and safe when carried out by experts – not all surfaces are suitable. Our highly trained team assess each surface composition, age and condition before choosing a targeted cleaning method to ensure a safe, efficient and cost-effective cleaning solution. Before we start any pressure cleaning job, we explain our method and expected outcomes to you to make sure you’re happy with our chosen methodology, along with any risks we have identified. We will often patch test a cleaning method to ensure optimal outcomes, and if we believe the risk of damage is too high, we will advise you against pressure cleaning that particular surface.

Do you use soft washing techniques?

Yes, if we determine that soft washing will provide superior results over pressure washing for a particular cleaning job. Soft washing can be a useful alternative to pressure cleaning for high buildings and surfaces that may be susceptible to damage from pressure cleaning. Soft washing uses low pressure water (1000psi or lower) in combination with biodegradable chemicals. This removes the biological elements (for example pollen, mould, algae, dirt, lichen, moss) and other stains without damaging surfaces or killing your plants or hurting any nearby animals.

What surfaces can Industrial Clean SA pressure clean?

  • Pavers and bricks
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Colour-bond
  • Tiles
  • External cladding
  • Internal cladding and walls
  • Roller shutter doors
  • Internal structures such as brackets and pillars
  • Automated racking systems and high-level racking
  • Light fixtures
  • Skylights
  • Solar panels
  • Tanks, pits, silos (interior and exterior)
  • Roof cavities
  • Heavy machinery such as diggers and excavators
  • Ships decks and bilges
  • Statues, monuments, fountains
  • And more – we are always happy to talk to you about your particular cleaning needs, no matter how complex or obscure

What areas in Adelaide do you service?

We offer our pressure cleaning services and other specialised cleaning methodologies in all suburbs of Adelaide. Depending on the size of the job, we sometimes travel as far as 3 hours from the Adelaide CBD for clients who are not able to find a specialised industrial or commercial cleaner in their local area.

Do you provide free quotes?

Yes. Our quotes and free and with no obligation to book our services. Sometimes we can provide a quote based on a phone conversation and photos. However, to provide a detailed and accurate quote, we prefer to do a site visit and walk through the job with you to ensure you are completely happy with the methods we propose, the expectations around price, and the predicted outcomes. We will then send you a quote via email.

How much do your services cost?

Every job is different depending on its size and scope. However, we do have a minimum four (4) hour fee for all jobs. Rather than posting generic prices on our website, we prefer to meet with you to inspect the job requirements, and to discuss the work with you to make sure we understand exactly what your cleaning needs and preferences are and to explain the outcomes you can expect.

How do we pay you?

We will send an invoice to your email address upon completion of the job. All payments need to be made via EFT bank transfer by the due date using the banking details on the invoice.

What facilities will I need if I book your services?

You will need to provide:

  • A space to park our equipment
  • Clear access to the space/item that requires cleaning
  • A water source with an adequate flow such as an outside tap

How long does pressure cleaning take?

This depends on the size of the area to be pressure cleaned, the extent and type of soiling, ease of access, and the condition of the areas to be cleaned. Typically, the time taken ranges from around four hours to a full day or more.

Do I need to be home or at the business site while the pressure cleaning is done?

You do not need to be present at the time of cleaning, however we will need easy access to the areas being cleaned – along with a water supply, for example a garden tap. If you are comfortable to leave us with the access we need to complete your pressure cleaning job, you can be assured that we will leave your property or business in a secure condition when we leave.

Will our business be disrupted by your pressure cleaning processes?

We strive to minimise any disruption by scheduling our services at your convenience and by working during off-peak or off-production times to ensure your business continues to operate smoothly.

Do you offer chewing gum removal?

Yes. Chewing gum litter and residue is a particularly unsightly problem and is notoriously difficult and time consuming to remove. Our high-tech pressure cleaning equipment can reach temperatures in excess of 85°C, literally melting the gum and significantly reducing the cleaning time that would be required by less effective equipment, and ensuring that chewing gum removal is as cost-effective as possible. You can watch a video of our chewing gum removal process here.

We have pigeons / other birds nesting in or on our roof space, under our solar panels, under the eaves of our building, or in some other hard to reach area. Can you get rid of the bird waste, clean and sanitise the area, and make sure the pigeons don’t come back?

Yes. We can quickly and safely remove bird poo and waste build-up and dispose of this waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We can also clean and decontaminate the affected areas to eliminate staining and enhance safety and hygiene for you, your workers, and members of the public who may utilise the affected areas. Prior to the clean, we work collaboratively with expert pest controllers to remove the birds, and once the clean is finished they can net the area to prevent the birds returning and re-soiling the area / space.

Do you offer interior cleaning such as office cleaning, toilet cleaning, carpet cleaning etc?

Our main focus and area of expertise is industrial cleaning – for example factories, warehouses and carparks, as well as commercial and residential exteriors such as building façade cleans, paver and concrete cleaning, and carpark cleans. We do however provide office cleaning when it is part of a warehouse or factory clean.

Do you offer window cleaning?

Not generally, although we sometime offer this service as part of a large building exterior clean, or to regular or existing clients.

Is industrial pressure cleaning and commercial pressure cleaning different to residential pressure cleaning?

Yes. Industrial and commercial cleaning often involves much larger areas, tougher stains, and more complex cleaning methodologies. Our custom-built pressure washing equipment is superior to the pressure cleaners you can buy at retail stores. Although we offer cleaning services primarily to industrial and commercial sectors, we also offer residential cleans, often with superior results than you would get from some residential pressure cleaners.

I need a high-rise building pressure cleaned. Can you help me?

Yes. Our expert team are accredited and licensed to work at heights and will provide all the necessary equipment such as elevated work platforms and safety equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently. You can read more about our confined space cleaning here

Are you accredited to clean confined spaces?

Yes. Our team have the training, accreditations and expertise to work in confined space and we will provide all the necessary equipment to undertake the job safely and to the highest standards. You can read more about our confined space cleaning here.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured with public liability to $20m.

Contact the expert team at Industrial Clean SA today to discuss your industrial, commercial and residential cleaning needs.