Industrial pressure cleaning is one of the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally responsible methods for cleaning and removing dirt, stains, soiling, foreign matter, grime and other biological hazards from your Industrial, Commercial and Residential properties.


We Are Leaders in Industrial Pressure Cleaning

Industrial Clean SA is the leading provider of industrial and commercial pressure washing and pressure cleaning services. Our expert team have many years of experience cleaning carparks, driveways, building exteriors and facades, cold rooms, sheds, ships, factories, warehouses, walls, fences, patios, pergolas, paved areas, residential properties and much more.

Car Park Cleaning Adelaide – Underground, Single And Multi-Level Car Parks
Bird Waste Removal and Cleaning
Building And Wall Cleaning Adelaide
Concrete Driveway and Path Cleaning Adelaide
Cold Room Cleaning Adelaide
Wall and Fence Cleaning Adelaide
Paver Cleaning Adelaide
Patio, Pergola and Outdoor Area Cleaning Adelaide

Our Industrial Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Over the years, Industrial Clean SA has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the industrial and commercial cleaning industry. We are proud to provide an extensive range of technologically advanced and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions to highly complex problems that other companies are unwilling or unable to provide. No job is too large or too complex for our expert team.

Our superior industrial grade, hot and cold high pressure cleaning equipment is much more powerful than many pressure washers on the market. Our equipment includes vortex turbo nozzles, rotary-jet floor cleaners, rotary multi-jet head silo and tank cleaners, rotating pipe cleaning nozzles, floor sweepers and electric industrial vacuum cleaners.

We can pressure clean and decontaminate areas that other companies are not able to accomplish. Our unique waste-water removal system allows us to pressure clean your internal floors and surfaces while simultaneously removing water waste which means minimal disruption and down time for your business.

We understand that everyone’s cleaning needs are different. Using industry leading equipment, our team of specialists bring an extensive range of knowledge, skills and expertise to diagnose your cleaning needs, implement individualised cleaning solutions and evaluate the outcomes to make sure you’re happy with the final product.

Contact the expert team at Industrial Clean SA today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs.