The condition of your commercial properties and spaces can leave a lasting impression on your customers and influence your repeat patronage. A build-up of unsightly stains, dust, dirt and grime can deter future clientele and become a safety hazard for your business.

Industrial Clean SA are committed to providing our clients with quality high-pressure cleaning and industrial vacuuming services that are safe, effective, highly efficient and environmentally responsible. Using industry leading equipment, our team of specialists have an extensive range of knowledge, skills and expertise to diagnose your specific cleaning needs and implement targeted and individualised cleaning solutions. We evaluate the outcomes to ensure you are happy with the final result.

Comprehensive commercial cleaning requires expert knowledge and stringent safety management systems. Don’t risk your safety. Contact the highly trained and fully accredited team at Industrial Clean SA to discuss your commercial cleaning needs.

Car Parks – underground, single and multi-level car parks
Cool rooms and food production facility cleaning and sanitising
Building façade and exterior area cleaning
Paved surface cleaning
High traffic areas – removal of grease and grime
Bird waste removal and decontamination

Contact the expert team at Industrial Clean SA today to discuss your commercial cleaning needs.