Bird waste (guano, droppings, excrement, poo, poop) is an unsightly problem for a wide variety of public and private buildings and spaces.

The most common bird waste problems are heavy soiling and staining of the external cladding of a building and large waste piles below an overnight roosting and breeding location. Bird waste can also build up in roof spaces, on warehouse and shed floors and in important traffic areas such as office and entrance ways.

Pigeons are by far the most prevalent pest bird in most settings. They roost just about everywhere and create large amounts of waste. Pigeon waste is not only unsightly, but the acid in these droppings can corrode plastic, metal, wood and even stone. Over time, unremoved bird waste can damage buildings and any equipment stored below the roosting site. Bird droppings can also be a possible health hazard, potentially carrying diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis. However, these diseases are rare and the most common reason for removing bird waste is to increase the aesthetics and hygiene of a particular area, to prevent malodourous smells, and to limit infestation of the area with insects and other pests that may be attracted to the waste.

Industrial Clean SA has a reputation of excellence for safe and efficient bio-waste and bird waste removal, and subsequent cleaning and decontamination of the affected areas.

It is vital that all affected areas are cleaned thoroughly prior to the installation of anti-nesting, anti-perching and anti-access products such as anti-roosting spikes and netting. The installation of these deterrents must take place as soon as all surfaces have been cleaned and prepared to ensure the relevant products adhere correctly and to avoid re-entry by the birds and further surface soiling and waste build up.

Our highly trained team of experts can quickly and safely remove waste build-up and dispose of this waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We can also clean, decontaminate and disinfect the affected areas to eliminate staining and enhance safety and hygiene for your workers and members of the public who may utilise the affected areas.

All our staff at Industrial Clean SA are accredited to work safely and efficiently at heights and within confined spaces, and we provide all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) such as protective suits and masks and breathing apparatus.

Industrial Clean SA is an industrial and commercial cleaning business that services clients in the Adelaide and surrounding regions. Contact our highly trained staff today to discuss your bird waste removal, cleaning and sanitisation needs.