The condition of your car park can leave a lasting impression on your customers and increase your chances of repeat patronage.

A buildup of unsightly stains, dust, dirt and grime can deter future clientele and become a safety hazard for your business. Industrial Clean SA provides market leading solutions to car park cleaning that are tailored to your individualised needs. Our team of experts understand that all stains and soiling are different and require a targeted approach.

We will inspect your car park to assess the type and level of staining and soiling present and determine the most effective and efficient way to remove tough stains, grease, dirt, dust and grime from all surfaces including concrete floors, walls, pillars, the underside of carpark ceilings and overhead pipes.

High pressure water blasting is one of the most effective, cost efficient, and environmentally responsible methods for cleaning underground, single and multi-level carparks. Our powerful state-of-the-art hot high-pressure cleaning equipment will safely and efficiently remove oil and grease and our environmentally responsible detergents and solvents will to minimise the environmental impact and maximise staff and client safety.

Our custom-designed machinery has a waste water vacuum recovery function to minimise water build-up and remove waste products from the area. This state-of-the-art technology minimises safety concerns, eliminates water hazards and allows the area to be back in use with minimal downtime.

Industrial Clean SA can significantly improve the look of your car park, which in turn will improve the experience you offer to your customers and maximise your chances of repeat business.

Contact the expert team today to discuss your car park cleaning needs in the Adelaide and surrounding regions.