You can trust the expert team at Industrial Clean SA with your cold room cleaning and food production facility cleaning.

We understand that Australian legislation requires food premises, cool rooms, and food production areas and facilities (including fixtures, fittings and equipment) to be kept meticulously clean – and we meet those requirements every time.

Cold Room Cleaning, Sanitation and Remediation

Industrial Clean SA have a longstanding reputation of excellence for cleaning and sanitising commercial cold rooms and cool rooms including their ceilings, walls, racks, docks, floors, shelves and more. We also clean and sanitise commercial refrigeration facilities and food production areas, no matter how large or small.

We work in collaboration with you to assess your particular needs, and we tailor our cleaning and sanitisation processes to meet your particular industry requirements, as well as meeting EPA and your company audit standards.


Environmentally Responsible Cold Room Cleaning

Our team of highly trained experts use a variety of environmentally responsible and food-safe cleaning and decontamination techniques to ensure your cleaning needs are met. We undertake cleaning and sanitising (disinfecting) as two separate processes because sanitisation may not be as effective if all traces of visible contamination are not removed.

Cleaning of visible soiling and the dreaded black dust and mould is achieved with detergent, water and sometimes agitation, with the visible dirt and detergent then rinsed and removed with clean water. While detergents can remove dirt and grease, they do not kill all bacteria and other microorganisms and therefore sanitisation is undertaken next to remove and destroy all microorganisms.

Cold Room Sanitising

A surface is considered sanitised when it does not contain microorganisms at a level that would permit the transmission of infectious disease or compromise food safety.

Sanitising is usually achieved using heat and water or food safe chemicals – or a combination of both.

We use both high-pressure hot water cleaning and sanitisation to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and to eliminate bad odours. Our equipment can achieve temperatures in excess of 85°C, which eliminates contaminants safely and hygienically from cold rooms and freezers.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning technologies include an innovative system of simultaneous pressure washing and industrial steam cleaning together with waste vacuum recovery to remove food waste, dirt, grease and other visible waste matter and to ensure the work area and adjacent surfaces are left dry during the cleaning process. Our unique wash-vacuum recovery system significantly reduces safety concerns and limits downtime, allowing the work area to be back in operation almost immediately.

Do you have a cold room or food production area that needs cleaning? Contact our highly trained and accredited staff at Industrial Clean SA today to discuss your cleaning and sanitising needs for your cool room, cold room and food preparation areas.