Are you finding it impossible to remove unsightly and unsanitary grime, grease and oil stains from your concrete surfaces?

Grimy or stained concrete driveways, walkways and paths can spoil your property’s façade, potentially decreasing its value and deterring customers and visitors. Porous concrete in partially or fully shaded driveways and walkways may also develop mould, mildew, moss or algae, which could be a safety hazard and may lead to pitting and surface erosion of your concrete surfaces.

Industrial Clean SA is an Adelaide based industrial cleaning company with extensive experience and expertise in providing concrete cleaning solutions to industrial and commercial facilities.

Industrial Clean SA has a longstanding reputation of excellence for cleaning a wide variety of concrete structures including driveways, walls, fences, patios, paths, carports, garage floors, concrete pits, concrete pipes, factory and warehouse floors and walls for businesses, councils, landlords, tenants, property agents, retirement homes, builders, insurers, homeowners and more.

Some concrete stains are small, while other concrete surfaces are more heavily contaminated. The age and size of the stain, as well as the material that caused the stain, will determine how difficult it is to remove and the approach that is needed to deliver the most effective and efficient result. In cases of oil staining, it is vital to remove as much of the oil as possible before sealing or resurfacing your concrete. If the oil is not removed, it will eventually seep back through the substrate to re-stain your concrete surface.

Our team of highly trained personnel can quickly assess the staining and soiling present in your concrete areas and prescribe an individualised cleaning solution to completely remove dirt, grime, soiling, mould and mildew, and to remove or minimise visible staining. For mould and mildew infestations, we treat the area with mould remover to prevent regrowth.

Industrial Clean SA use the most up-to-date technologies to incorporate hot water blasting, high-pressure cleaning, and environmentally responsible specialty cleaning agents to deeply penetrate embedded stains in concrete without damaging the surface. Our specialist equipment can deliver high pressure water cleaning simultaneously with waste water vacuum recovery to improve efficiencies and to reduce downtime and runoff.

The highly trained staff at Industrial Clean SA use state of the art industrial equipment and technologies to service customers in the Adelaide and surrounding regions. Contact Industrial Clean SA today to remove stubborn concrete stains, restore the look of your property, and enhance its street appeal, value and safety.