All heavy vehicles and equipment should be cleaned and decontaminated when exiting a known or potentially contaminated site.

Machinery hygiene is an effective way to minimise or prevent the spread of pests, invasive plants, weeds or diseases, and to avoid certain penalties that could be incurred under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994.

Regularly removing grime and grease from your heavy vehicles and machinery is also vital to extend the life of the vehicle – maximising its operating potential and promoting a positive image for your business.

Industrial Clean SA offer specialist cleaning and decontamination of all types of heavy vehicles and machinery including earth moving equipment, harvesting equipment, tractors and implements, backhoes, graders, trucks and mining vehicles. We have extensive experience cleaning navy ship decks and bilges, and we also offer end of hire cleaning.

Environmental decontamination of heavy vehicles and equipment should be carried out by experts who understand the complex nature of this service. Our team of experts at Industrial Clean SA have the skills and expertise to undertake a risk assessment regarding the level of cleaning and decontamination required and the type of hot water cleaning, detergent and/or disinfectant needed to complete the job safely and efficiently. During each job, we work closely with onsite industry experts to coordinate the cleaning and decontamination process and to ensure all safety standards have been met.

Industrial Clean SA adheres to industry standard recommendations regarding ways to minimise further infestation and to achieve maximum hygiene standards. We can clean down vehicles and machinery on site to prevent contaminants being spread.

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Leave your heavy machinery and vehicle cleaning and environmental decontamination to the experts at Industrial Clean SA. We use state of the art industrial equipment and technologies to service customers in the Adelaide and surrounding regions. Call us today to discuss your cleaning needs.