Industrial Clean SA are factory cleaning experts. We excel at regular deep cleaning contracts, one-off cleans, and end-of lease factory cleans – no matter how large or complex or awkward the space is.

Factory floors and surfaces can often display significant deterioration and a heavy build-up of dirt and grime if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. Ensuring your factory or industrial workplace remains clean and hygienic is a vital component of Australian Occupational Health, Safety and Environment requirements and production processes. A factory environment that isn’t professionally and meticulously cleaned can reduce productivity and has the potential to damage your brand image, and ultimately reduce your profit margins.

Why Regular Factory Cleaning is Essential

Here at Industrial Clean SA, we understand that in many industrial workplaces, safety is dependent on meticulous cleanliness and hygiene – and that cleaning processes need to be completed to the highest possible standard. Whatever the size, type and complexity of your factory site or equipment, our team of highly trained and skilled factory cleaners will use our state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning technologies to meet your factory cleaning and hygiene standards while also meeting EPA guidelines.

Our team of factory cleaning experts have many years of training and expertise, and we use a variety of cleaning and decontamination techniques to ensure your complex cleaning needs are met.

In addition to factory cleaning, we also pressure clean and decontaminate:

  • Workshops
  • Food transport facilities
  • Food production factories
  • Mechanic pits
  • Paint shops
  • Distribution centres including food distribution centres
  • Bus depots
  • Railways stations
  • Sporting ovals
  • Bottle manufacturing plants
  • Breweries

Whether you have a factory that needs cleaning or something else, our expert pressure cleaners use specialised cleaning technologies and processes to clean steel, tiles, concrete and paved factory floors, brick walls, and concrete and colour-bond walls – surfaces that often don’t respond to other cleaning methods such as sweeping, mopping or scrubbing.

Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment uses an innovative system of simultaneous hot pressure washing together with vacuum waste recovery to ensure the work area and adjacent surfaces are left dry during the cleaning process. Our unique pressure washing vacuuming recovery system significantly reduces safety concerns and limits downtime, allowing you to be back into operation almost immediately.

Environmentally Responsible Factory Cleaning

Industrial Clean SA uses industry approved, environmentally responsible, food safe cleaning products in conjunction with our client’s occupations health and safety policies and systems. We also use a variety of other methods to clean and decontaminate stubborn areas whenever appropriate and safe including acid washing and etching, degreasing, power sweeping, power scrubbing and decontamination.

Are you looking for regular maintenance cleaning? Or a once-off end-of-lease or change-of-lease factory clean to prepare for your next tenant? Contact the expert team at Industrial Clean SA in Adelaide to discuss your factory cleaning needs.