Do you have an industrial or agricultural silo, or a tank or pit that needs cleaning? Industrial Clean SA have a longstanding reputation of excellence for cleaning industrial and commercial tanks, pits and silos in Adelaide.

We can clean almost any type of tank, pit or silo – including wastewater tank cleaning, water storage tank cleaning and maintenance pit cleaning. We recognise that each job has its own complexities that require a targeted approach and cleaning process dependent on the size, type and location of the vessel, as well as its function and contents.

Industrial Clean SA uses high pressure pumps with heat boilers, high pressure water blasting and industrial steam cleaning to clean and decontaminate internal and external vessel surfaces, together with waste vacuum recovery to ensure safe, effective and efficient removal of waste products.

Our specialised equipment allows us to use the minimum amount of water necessary for each clean which reduces both the cost and the environmental impact. Our innovative processes ensure minimal waste disposal costs and minimal downtime.

Our team of experts strive to minimise the hazards that can be associated with cleaning the internal surfaces of tanks, pits and silos and we have the skills and expertise to undertake the complex and sometimes difficult tasks associated with confined space entry. Our specialised approach places a strong emphasis on risk assessment, strategic project planning and management, safety protocols, and onsite process controls.

Safe Tank, Pit And Silo Cleaning

Industrial Clean SA personnel are fully trained and accredited to Australian standards, including entry into and working within confined spaces, atmospheric testing, tank ventilation, rescue and standby protocols, permit systems, and logging and recording of information to comply with occupational health safety and environment (OHSE) requirements and guidelines.

Don’t risk your safety. Tank, silo and pit cleaning and its associated confined space entry requirements needs expert knowledge, skills and experience. Contact the highly trained and fully accredited team at Industrial Clean SA in Adelaide to discuss your tank, pit and silo cleaning and decontamination needs.