Paved surfaces can be notoriously difficult to clean.

Domestic pressure cleaners are not powerful enough to remove surface staining and soiling, and industrial strength pressure washers in non-expert hands can damage pavers and remove the supporting base, disrupting the line and lay of your pavers and potentially requiring them to be lifted and re-laid – costing you time, money and effort.

Over time, paved areas can become stained and soiled by dust, dirt, food products, plant matter and oil. Porous and partially shaded paved areas mays also suffer from fungi, moss, lichen, mould and mildew infestation, which can become a slip or inhalation hazard and may result in the paver surface eroding and pitting.

Industrial Clean SA can restore your stained and dirty paved surfaces, making them look like new and eliminating safety hazards.

Our team of experts have a longstanding reputation of excellence for cleaning all types of paved surfaces including bricks, clay, and concrete and natural stone pavers in public areas such as shopping centres, malls, theatres, parks, recreational areas, and government and commercial paths and walkways.

High pressure water cleaning is one of the most effective, cost efficient, and environmentally responsible method for cleaning paved surfaces and areas. Incorporating hot high-pressure water into our treatment regime allows us to deeply penetrate stubborn, embedded stains in bricks and pavers without damaging the surface. This includes outdoor areas which experience a lot of traffic as well as shady areas or surfaces that are exposed to organic build-up. For stubborn soiling, we use environmentally responsible detergents and cleaning agents that will not jeopardise public health and safety.

Chewing gum litter and residue is a particularly unsightly problem in public areas and is notoriously difficult and time consuming to remove. Our state-of-the-art high-pressure washing equipment can reach temperatures in excess of 85°C – significantly reducing the cleaning time that would be required by less effective equipment, ensuring that chewing gum removal is as cost-effective as possible.

Our specialist Whirl-Away high-pressure surface cleaning machines use multiple rotating nozzles to cut through stains and grime whilst containing the water to the immediate area being cleaned. These machines provide a safer, more consistent and more even finish to your paving clean and allows the area to be back in use almost immediately.

Industrial Clean SA is an Adelaide based industrial cleaning company with extensive experience and expertise in providing specialised cleaning solutions for all paved surfaces. Call the expert team today to discuss your paver cleaning needs.