The highly trained team at Industrial Clean SA have the knowledge, skills and expertise to undertake the complex and difficult tasks associated with confined space entry and confined space cleaning.

Our expert team understands that, in line with recommendations from Safe work Australia, a confined space is determined by the hazards associated with the task and not just because work is performed in a small space.

The expert team at Industrial Clean SA have worked in a wide variety of confined spaces including tanks, vats, pits, pipes, silos, containers, shafts, tunnels, trenches, drains, flues, chimneys, ducts and roof spaces. We also perform cleaning and decontamination work in other areas that meet the confined space criteria set out by Safe Work Australia including: partially enclosed spaces that are not designed or intended to be occupied by a person; spaces that are a risk to health and safety due to its atmosphere; spaces that have contaminants like airborne gases, vapours and dusts that may cause injury; spaces that have harmful concentrations of any airborne contaminants; spaces that are at risk of engulfment; and spaces that may become a confined space if the work carried out in the space could generate harmful concentrations of airborne contaminants.

Safety is paramount when entering and cleaning within a confined space. Our expert team at Industrial Clean SA work toward minimising the safety and environmental hazards that can be associated with confined space cleaning. All our personnel are highly trained for entry into and working within confined spaces. Industrial Clean SA are accredited to Australian standards and work under the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice.

Our accreditation and training cover Industrial Clean SA personnel for entry into and working within confined spaces, atmospheric testing, breathing apparatus, rescue and standby protocols, permit systems, and logging and recording of information to comply with occupational health safety and environmental (OHSE) guidelines. Our systematic approach to safety places a strong emphasis on risk assessment and management, strategic project planning and management, safety protocols, onsite process controls and ongoing evaluation of outcomes.

Industrial Clean SA provide all the specialised safety support equipment required to work within confined spaces including entry paperwork, air monitoring devices, breathing apparatus, harnesses and lanyards and any other PPE required. Our strict safety management systems and policies ensure our staff and clients are kept safe and include the following procedures prior to entry:

  • Risk Assessment: SWMS and JSEA, to identify the hazards and associated risks related to the cleaning method used, and to document the emergency response procedures for each job.
  • Signage and Barricading: To prevent persons not involved in the work from entering the area and to allow access only to authorised entrants and standby persons.
  • Isolation of Hazards: Isolation involves locking, tagging and closing the isolation point to ensure it is not accessible during confined space work.
  • Cleaning, Purging & Ventilation: To ensure the confined space atmosphere is clear of any contaminants that could harm any persons entering the space.
  • Atmosphere Testing & Monitoring: Prior to entry the atmosphere is tested and recorded – external to the confined space, around entry points and immediately inside.
  • Completion of an Entry Permit: To ensure that a safe work system is in place as well as a means of communication between site management, supervisors and those who carry out the work.
  • Rescue & Emergency Plan: Developed as per the regulations and rehearsed and practised by confined space personnel prior to entry.

Confined space cleaning and its associated entry requirements needs expert knowledge, skills and experience. Don’t risk your safety. Contact the highly trained and fully accredited team at Industrial Clean SA to discuss your confined space cleaning needs in the Adelaide and surrounding regions.